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Buying and Selling a Car in South Africa

Information on the paperwork and processes involved when buying a new car in South Africa; the documents required and where they must be sent...

It is relatively straightforward to buy a car in South Africa, either as a resident or as a non-resident. Cars can be bought privately, from a dealership or an auction. VAT is charged on taxable goods supplied by a trader, such as a car dealer, but this tax is normally included in the sale price. All cars purchased in South Africa must be registered in South Africa.

Buying a New Car

New cars can be bought from dealers or online from websites such as Autotrader. VAT, currently at 14 percent, is included in the sale price of new cars bought from dealerships.

  • For the Autotrader guide to buying new cars: Click here

Registering a new vehicle

To register a new vehicle it is necessary to go to the nearest motor vehicle registration authority with the following documents:

  • Proof of ID (such as a passport or identity card)
  • The manufacturer's certificate with details about the vehicle
  • A roadworthy certificate (if the vehicle is a heavy load)
  • The completed application form for registering and licencing a motor vehicle (RLV). To download a copy of the RLV form: Click here (PDF)
  • Fee

The fee for registering a vehicle depends on the province in which it is registered.

  • For more details about registering a vehicle and the fees involved: Click here
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